Natura & Economia Foundation

Natura & Economia Foundation

Founded in the 1990s, the Nature & Economy Foundation was created by the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) and other important Swiss associations. Today, it guarantees our commitment to nature, which you can see for yourself if you come to visit us at the summit, even just for a walk.

We are aware of the central role of the landscape in attracting tourism and we exploit this concept in the development of tourism options and promotion of initiatives. We respect natural spaces and protected areas while minimising the impact on the landscape, promote biodiversity and contribute to environmentally sustainable development.

Rough pastures at the summit 
A precious natural habitat for the preservation of flora and fauna, which we have always protected at Monte Generoso! Since 2019, we have been recognised for our ability to maintain the greenery of the wild flower meadows around the Fiore di pietra, despite the influx of visitors. And we are proud of it! Wild flower meadows are areas that have to be mowed at specific intervals to promote biodiversity.

Regreening at altitude 
Looking after green areas in the mountain could be another activity where the Ferrovia Monte Generoso excels at! In 2019, we won the "Example of Best Practice" award, bestowed by the Association of Naturalistic Engineering, for successful regreening at high altitudes in Roncapiano, after the work carried out in previous years. Looking after the greenery makes the landscape even more spectacular!

In search of biodiversity 
The stones and piles of wood are "natural structures" that line our trails and are home to many animals. If you love wild animals, come and see hedgehogs, woodpeckers, and other small critters: they all live under heaps of wood, piles of stones, or old rotten trunks in the surroundings of Bellavista. We never move them: this is how we really protect biodiversity. This effort was also recognized by the Nature & Economy Foundation, which, in 2023, awarded us the quality label precisely because of the naturalistic management of the green areas near the Bellavista Buffet.